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Aug 27, 2013

If Miley was sending dick pictures to a cat, it would almost be as funny as this episode.

almost seven years ago

Is it just natural to your fridnes when you pull out some paper and start drawing them? :) Most of my fridnes come gather round the McKenna campfire to see what she's drawing today, and I'm all, "Go Away! I'm drawing YOU!!!"Sophie looks great

almost seven years ago

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send me what you can! I'm very upset that I'm just seeing one of your cicaermomls for the first time yesterday! That's unacceptable; I need to let as many people find out about you as possible. I will GLADLY help to get your name out there!41 Shearwater DrLaPlace, La 70068and/or178 Lapeyrolerie Ln.Reserve, La 70084

almost seven years ago

his name is Lee Ward, had clients sititng there with him in his office.All I needed to do was give him my credit card number so he could hold a31,399 from it just incase I delayed in sending the the documents for the new owners!!Ofcourse, I smelled a rat!! I told him I don't use cards or cheques.He's calling me again today to see if I've talked my husband into using HIS card for the transaction.i'm going to have a bit of fun with Lee Ward when he rings today!!Another name within Excalibur is Sally Hansen, she contacted me the day before Lee Ward, to see if I wanted to sell my CCConcierge, I said I did then wham! Lee's on the phone with buyers in his office the next day.I was duped by CCConcierge into paying out a35,000 a few short years ago, money down the drain as far as I'm concerned's not going to happen a second time!!! [url=]xmlewkvbp[/url] [link=]bxnmjapjf[/link]

almost seven years ago

Get a P.O. Box for the bidness adrdses, then print your own tees and stickers as people order them. Presto, you're an entrepreneur! Just get a TID# for in-state sales. If anyone has a problem, remind them that Saturday Night Live has been making parodies for nearly 40 years, and NBC has been profiting from it via commercial ad space. And Mad Magazine? What company had those Wacky Stickers? They sold those like hotcakes in the 70's. there's your defense in case some Obaminating lawyer wants to shake you down regarding copyright.p.s.: In Indiana, the governor's campaign tag line was his first name with a ! at the end. This year, his opponent is doing the exact same thing. And I don't think it's parody. Lame.