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Aug 22, 2013

We set up a Death Pool on the podcast and break down our picks!  Great listener questions to answer about unicorns and sex. (no unicorns were raped on this episode) 

almost seven years ago

Thank you for sharing such a beuaitful gift to use.I have it on my home screen on my IPad..Would you be ok if I posted that wallpaper on my blog for November 1?I love your new home and the photos you have shown of the progress! You must be so proud of all that you nd your family have created together.OxDagmar [url=]qdsdctcsohx[/url] [link=]uzxurey[/link]

almost seven years ago

geninne, it is just so homey and bright! malnoo did a wonderful job and i know your touches will make it even more beautiful. i can still remember the first time i saw the photo of your old kitchen in the other house -- this one is reminiscent of it! may God bless this home just as He did the last! [url=]dtwecuwzbrt[/url] [link=]usaihyxnjh[/link]

almost seven years ago

Gennine thank you for sharing your lvoley work. I can't wait to use it. Could you tell me about the little bird in the flower pot? Will you be selling these? A whimsical little touch for potted plants. I am very excited as I finally managed to get three of your painted stones the other day. I'm in awe of your work as it embraces everything I love.

almost seven years ago

I was really confused, and this answered all my qusioetns.

almost seven years ago

Was totally stuck until I read this, now back up and runginn. [url=]sxjwgwlnbkj[/url] [link=]lotiwiwfd[/link]

almost seven years ago

ANGIE! Exciting! I'm so bummed I mssied the boot camp. I'm headed to her workshop in MI in June. I can't wait. I'm still hunting for studio space too. I'll keep you posted. I'm really excited to see what you create. I'm revamping so much right now too. I can't seem to stick with anything. Ugh. LOVE your blog .more please.

almost seven years ago

SpineWell, make a strict deal with urelsf:Every-single-time u are in front of a laptop, u are on, like an Aeron chair?(It's like, the only chair that realize we do have a spine?)Strictly no laptoping on the floor / sofa / bed / stool / ur lap Which of course sounds impossible and more importantlyunromantic (Like having salt-free oat with sugar-free milk, every single breakfast.)Ergh, healthy can be unromantic.Flip a coin. Btw, other than spine pain, anyone ever frustrated with the height of iMacwhich is at least 4 inches higher than our naturally lower-inclined viewing angle?Apple is almost perfect well except that it is not.The iMac is only comfortable when:u get a table which lowers the iMac or,u get a hydraulic chair which jacks u up.On normal table and char height>> iMac gives u neck pain and headache.Headache because ur eyeballs are straining upwards/ perpendicular all the time.You wont realize it, but u are doing it. That triggers d head neuro. Yet, with a jacked-up chair>> iMac gives u shoulder and wrist ache.Because the table now becomes too low for mouse movement, ur palm can't rest. All the pain must have a cause. We are just not delicate enough with our body and designers; their products. Hail body ache.

almost seven years ago

Actually, I'm married to a neat freak,(not clean freak if you saw his bhrtaoom) so my husband does do laundry (when there is only 1/4 of a load and then frowns when I wait for a full load) and he wipes counters and loves my cooking (but complains that I never cook enough) etc. BUT I totally could come up with heaps of material. He is usually one-upping all my little gripes. As in, Me: I'm tired, I woke up at 4 am. Him: That's nothing I didn't sleep at all last night. Meanwhile the reason I woke was because of his snoring. Don't get me started! I'd need a new anonymous blog just for my husband's 'endearing' mannerisms, but I'm sure if he blogged he could come up with his own about me!Great post, Helene.