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Aug 9, 2013

"The Party on High Street", a wicked band from Victoria, join us on this episode!  T-rav, Brin and Nick play a sexual gameshow with us and show off their skills.  We also hear a crazy story from Brazil and answer some listener questions.  And, of course, we get to hear some great music and finish the episode with three songs from the band!

Check them out on fb: and the website:

almost seven years ago

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almost seven years ago

i actually love the show too...i find this falimy seems to thrive on chaos which is really unsettling to me at times, but i think they handle it all with grace. their kids are great and their home is amazing! they have seriously good taste with the exception of the monster desk in their bedroom. haha, but it does all come down to what one loves, doesn't it. they have a book out too, which i want to get. [url=]uobdmt[/url] [link=]hcwrwvhzgn[/link]

almost seven years ago

This is newsworthy why, exclaty? This has-been needs to go away Please, god, make him stop (and make Nikki I still wish I was 17 Sixx, stop as well .)