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Hijacked Headspace is your #1 spot for Marijauna news and discussion as we get set to welcome legalization to Alberta and the rest of Canada!


Nov 28, 2013

Ryan Widding joins us this week to try out for Jamies position!  He trys to explain why he is not racist and answers some tough interview questions.  Jamie also joins us on Skype and we find out how he's doing in Peace River. 

Check out Ryans videos on youtube:

Nov 21, 2013

Nathan Burns, from the band Cadence and Nathan, returns to the podcast!  We hear some great music and Nathan makes a case as to why he should be Jamies replacement.   Also we answer some listener questions and discuss what you should do with old porn.

Nov 14, 2013

We made it!   100 EPISODES!   Jamies girlfriend joins us on the episode and we talk about Jamie moving and reminisce about some good times.  We attempt some world records and it gets crazy!

Nov 7, 2013

Comedian Danny Martinello joins the show this week!  We talk about doing stand up in Edmonton and answer some sexy listener questions.  Jamie tries to convince everybody to get naked and we find out which country has made ALL drugs...