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Hijacked Headspace is your #1 spot for Marijauna news and discussion as we get set to welcome legalization to Alberta and the rest of Canada!


Sep 26, 2013

Our friend, Landon Barrowman of Whiskey Wagon, joins us again.  We talk about the band, the new cd and also things you can chug to make your voice deeper.  We try to give some tips to a 28 year old virgin and talk about facial hair on women.  Also, we break down the word RETARD and talk

Sep 19, 2013

Episode 92 already!?  On this episode we talk about a few plans for how we would like to celebrate Episode 100.   Also we find out how much crazy stuff you can get for 5 bucks.  We break down stalking and massage parlors.....also...

Sep 12, 2013

George and Jamie sit back and talk about the wedding going on outside the window and reminisce about bad neighbors.  Jamie tells us why his family and roommates are all angry at him and we try to find a solution.(ball gags)  If you see a cat on the side of the road....its...

Sep 5, 2013

Burlesque Dancer, Holly Von Sinn, joins us on this episode!  We talk about everything from showing your boobs online to pasties and strap-ons.   Holly takes a stripper test we talk about some crazy fetishes! 

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