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Hijacked Headspace is your #1 spot for Marijauna news and discussion as we get set to welcome legalization to Alberta and the rest of Canada!


Mar 28, 2013

Kristin Ashmore returns to the podcast to talk about her tweet-up!  We talk about the worst places to have sex and the worlds oldest prostitutes.  Kristin raps about newscaster Daryl McIntyre! 

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Mar 22, 2013

Sean Stephens of The Great North Blues Band joins us on this episode.  Reuben is out of the hospital and is mobile!  We talk a bit about the broken back and Sean talks about getting hit in the head with a baseball bat. Twice.  We also hear some great music and the podcast ends with the saddest song ever.


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Mar 14, 2013

Comedian Drew Behm sits down 1 on 1 with George on this hilarious episode!  We talk about doing stand up comedy and the comedy scene in Edmonton.  Also we answer some listener questions about finding someone to bang your girlfriend and using protection while having sex with satan.  And telepathic rats!!

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Mar 7, 2013

Jamie is back from camp and doesn't want to sell sex toys!  Reuben is still laid up with a broken back and is not using any sex toys.  George is ready to pimp.  Comedian Dan Johnstone stops by helps us answer some listener questions and talks about his efforts to feed the homeless!  And we end on a poop note. 

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