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Hijacked Headspace is your #1 spot for Marijauna news and discussion as we get set to welcome legalization to Alberta and the rest of Canada!


Jan 31, 2012

Hijacked Headspace welcomes its first musical guest, Reuben, from THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS. We hear some great tunes, Fight Talk debuts and we find out why George got fired.  Also, if you ever get angry, beat of on a mannequin.

Here's the facebook link to find out more about The Living Daylights:

Jan 27, 2012

Number four! If you have ever slept with Jamie, your going to want to listen this one.  From month long comas to jerking off on the great wall of china, Hijacked Headspace pushes the boundries as always.  Let us jerk off on your face?


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Jan 13, 2012

Jamie makes his return from Mexico!  Hijacked Headspace welcomes its first guest, Christina!  Stories from Mexico abound...we find out what Jamie bought with his 20 dollars.  And did Jamie find a Donkey Show...

Jan 1, 2012

As Hijacked Headspace welcomes in 2012 much is revealed.  The new face of porn is discussed and skid marks make a debut.  If we learned anything, it's don't lock the stall door(you may need that extra second)