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Mar 14, 2013

Comedian Drew Behm sits down 1 on 1 with George on this hilarious episode!  We talk about doing stand up comedy and the comedy scene in Edmonton.  Also we answer some listener questions about finding someone to bang your girlfriend and using protection while having sex with satan.  And telepathic rats!!

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five and a half years ago

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five and a half years ago

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five and a half years ago

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five and a half years ago

I can answer a cpuloe of your questions. Distance learning (and I think this includes courses through the mail, as well) are courses you can do from your home, where the teacher is a fair distance from where the student is. There are some situations, where, for instance, a whole class might meet in one location, and the teacher is in another, sometimes with another group, and there are video and computer links. People take these classes to fulfill all sorts of requirements and interests, especially when they can't GET to another location every week or two or three times a week to take a class. For instance, I once took a whole degree where I had to drive, daily, three hours each way to classes, spend all day, then come home, because I didn't want to relocate altogether. I would MUCH rather have done the whole degree long-distance, but that wasn't an option at the time. I live in a rural area, and getting advanced courses is often difficult, and all we have here is a community college, so, if I want an advanced class, I have to do something else, and that can be done through distance and online courses. I can't help you out with any specifics. There are some good online Universities, but I'd be willing to bet there are some scams out there as well. Do your research and make sure you actually can TALK to someone who has taken courses through whatever group you want to send money to good luck! [url=]pufsdwx[/url] [link=]kllyxbuabz[/link]

five and a half years ago

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five and a half years ago

for affection I found at rank 1Weapons 70Technology 35Military Gear 35Trophy 35Also if you use a hgiehr rank while rank 1 is at above rewards, then the rank 2 will be 1/2. But when for instance rank 1 drops to 35 then rank 2 will become 70 (for weapons).Economically, rank 1 is 200 credits and rank 2 is 600 credits. So it's cheaper to continue buying 2x rank 1 and feeding you companion (for a cost of 400 credits and 70 affection) as opposed to forking out 600 credits for 70 affection (weapons)

five and a half years ago

Brad, I bet that survival guide is going to be a hell of a reencfere work. When we were talking before I also suggested something that I haven't had the balls to bring up in here. I still think its a great idea but I feel guilty not being able to devote the time to contribute properly.For the rest of you that weren't at the bar with Brad and I that night, here goes.I was telling him that the Revo had become a reencfere source for a lot of us. Not just for mental artillery in the fight against these damned statists but also in regarding guns, finance, etc.brad and I have a dread fear of financial or EMP armageddon crashing the system and destroying the distribution chain. the question for those suffering in that horrific scenario would immediately become How do we Survive, but hen, very soon, HOW DO WE REBUILD. How indeed. How many of you could build an angine, a water pump, could build a radio from scratch? Could you build a still to fuel a generator? Could you store your food, scavange for food, or bven know what was safe to eat? Could you plant, harvest, and process grains? Would you even HAVE grains to plant? I think you get the idea. Together, with our computers having access to all the infirmation we need this all seems pretty simple. Well, imagine if you didn't have access to the Net, or electricity, transportation, or water, etc. We'd be royally fucked. Now, anyone that HAD the information on how to rebuild would be a king and a saviour to his community. his family would survive. he, along with the few others that had specialized knowledge could slowly try and return things to at least acceptable levels. I'd like to BE one of those people, and I bet you would too.Trouble is, WHERE is all that information concentrated?I suggested we concentrate it HERE. I suggested we fire up a running reader contribution link (or something) that could slowly but surely let us assemble the basics of electricity, farming, firearms, water, engine repair, canning, etc.I was drinking, yes, but it seemed like a damned fine idea frankly. An Encyclopedia Revoista that we could all copy from, print (hard copies would be necessary in a FUBAR scenario), and add to as we thought of new stuff we didn't know. If it sounds a bit TinFoil Hat, sorry. I actually was always one to want to know how everything works long before I got old enough and paranoid enough to understand the larger world. yeah, this idea is one of those legendary posts I started but never finished but I really didn't want to suggest it without RD or Brads blessing. Posting it front page would have been a bit cheeky.What do you think? it it feasable or even worth pursuing?

five and a half years ago

Lot of smarts in that posntig!