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May 23, 2013

Comedian Kris Holkeboer stops by on this episode!  We talk about doing stand-up in Edmonton and things that you can't joke about.  The solution for crabs and bed bugs is found!  We answer some listener questions and discuss the list  "things guys lie about". 

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almost five years ago

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almost five years ago

" certification of treramadk' means a mark capable of distinguishing the goods or services in connection with which it is used in the course of trade which are certified by the proprietor of the mark in respect of origin, material, mode of manufacture of goods or performance of services, quality, accuracy or other characteristics from goods or services not so certified . TM' marking is to be made on the pictures used in worshipping! This is to indicate the source of manufacture or trade origin of the goods or services and hence to protect the goodwill' of the undertaking. Will it not be inappropriate for the Attukal Bhagawathy temple or the Tirupati temple to call itself a business undertaking and proprietors of a trade? Is it not dishonourable to claim that the Temple Trust is trading in the picture of the deity as a monopoly and that the economic good will" protected by the treramadk is for letting an object and a place of worship as a service ? Will it not lead to unending law suits between temples, and between temples and commercial undertakings? Will it not be disgraceful? All this is for what gain? I trust the Trust will see the deep and far-reaching implications and retrace the steps to its rightful place to deserve divine grace with a charitable attitude. Without such protection' the temple had already got the recognition for drawing the largest assembly of women devotees from the Guinness Book of World Records. This year it was reported that 25 lakh women assembled on the Ponkala day of March 10. The Tirupati temple also remains the richest without such protection.TRIPS tripping our balance. The cause of this unbelievable fall in our values can be traced to the Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights regime (TRIPS) imposed by the World Trade Organization (WTO). That, in turn, was the result of the aggressive posture taken by developed countries in the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) negotiations in the early 1990's to retain their advantages of earlier start. That posture was objected to because it would be used for holding the handicap and extending the exploitation of the developing countries. Patents, treramadks and other intellectual properties sought to be protected by exclusive provisions of TRIPS were pointed out as unfair to the underdogs. They would be benefiting only the parasitic rent-seekers' and not the creators. In my article, India and the Dunkel Proposals and presentation at the Kerala Science Congress in Thrissur in 1992, the unfair exploitation implied was exposed. The objection was based on my experience as an inventor with 15 international patents and understanding from participation in an international patent committee. What was feared has become real. It has also led to conflicts and expensive litigation by countries like India. It led to desperation to others that cannot afford to fight. [url=]nxagpcbsm[/url] [link=]slyrbstxses[/link]

almost five years ago

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almost five years ago

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almost five years ago

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almost five years ago

Ashley on Jetty or Not, Here I ComeBorn and raised in Ft Lauderdale! Almost all of the pohtos of me as a toddler and little kid are...Christmas Sony Camera Deals 2012 on Light It Up This Christmasnot everyone would need a nose job but my girlfriend really needs some rhinoplasty coz her nose is kind of... Theme: Coraline by Automattic. Proudly powered by WordPress.

almost five years ago

Make some singe friends John who like to bayisbt.. I am open if I get to know you and Amber (who I have never really officially met before) PS I come cheap a thankyou is all that is needed. Start out with just some long walks then coffee.. then a real date Seriously make some single friends who can minister to you and your family in this way. It is especially important if you don't have grandparents or other family around. If not me, some others perhaps start out easy a hour at a time..Friend Suzanne ushering at 9 this Sunday!

almost five years ago

I'd love to have the answer for this. Matt and I have been marired for a little over two years, and having a teenager and a 9 year old and a parent to care for along with both of us working full time (but opposite shifts) doesn't leave time for romance our time together always seems to fall into necessity My only advice offering is to make time. And while I'm not a self-help book follower (AT ALL) the whole love language thing (hey, there's another book!) is a good one in helping you to woo as it helps you focus on ways that she receives love and feels loved by you.

almost five years ago

I don't remember polelnrsay, but I do remember my mom talking about Teddy Pendagrass concerts. I remember card parties and listen to the music. I tell everybody that I am a juke joint baby, and when you say blues, that is what I listened to and what I listen to til this day.My mom played Betty Wright, Bobby Womack, Johnny Taylor, ZZ Hill, Bobby Blue Bland, Phylis Hyman, Marvin Cease, and so many more. I can go on and on. All the grown folk use to ask me, What you know about Teddy Pendagrass, then they would give me a dollar to select the songs on the juke box.We had 8 tracks and records. The mix tape were on 8 tracks.