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Hijacked Headspace is your #1 spot for Marijauna news and discussion as we get set to welcome legalization to Alberta and the rest of Canada!


Apr 18, 2018

Matt and Brendan from Medigrow join us to try out some powerful King Tut and teach us about growing!  Tune in for some great growing tips and some insider scoop on Edmontons booming Cannabis industry.

Find out more about Medigrow at

Apr 11, 2018

Jamie smokes with us on the Podcast for the first time!  We try out one of the most popular Strains in the world, Blue Dream! 

Apr 4, 2018

We go deep into some Edibles on this episode!  Join us for this introspective experience while we each try a 50mg dosage of Fudge Brownie. 

Mar 29, 2018

We smoke Bubba Kush and debate what we'd rather be, a Ninja or a Pirate!

Mar 22, 2018

Comedian Dan Clarke and long time friend, Angie, help us try out and review the powerful Indica Strain, Watermelon!

This show gets a little wild and according to George, "Might be the best weed I've ever tried!"